Announcing selection Open Call << RAW MEDIA >>

Last February Werktank launched its new open call << RAW MEDIA >> in the context of Werktank’s collaboration with Quebec based production platform Recto Verso. We received over 100 applications from around the globe and we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all participating artists. We would like to stress that we keep all applications in our records and often reach out to non-selected artist at a later phase. 
As a result of our open call we are delighted to announce that Werktank, Recto Verso and curator Jeanne Couture have selected Pierre Coric as our fellow artist. We will invite Pierre to both Leuven and Quebec where he can develop and realize his project with us. This residency will be concluded by the presentation of Pierre’s work at the next edition of Mois Multi 2021 in Québec. 

Pierre Coric obtained his master Visual Arts at St-Lucas College in Antwerp in 2018 and has had residencies with AAir Antwerp and U-Jadowski Warsaw. His work revolves around chaos, systems and language in which he confronts the viewer with the meaninglessness and improbability of things. 

“I want to invent new ways of measuring, feeling and experiencing time. I started to develop some kind of conceptual clocks, sensitive to their environment. To the luminosity or to the sound around them. I dreamt about clocks whose needles would go in every point of the space, rather than turning in a circle and I started trying to model them in 3D. I thought about mechanisms spinning according to new paradigms and revealing new perceptions of time. A sensible time, connected to its surroundings and to the organic life that it affects, a time connected to humans, to nature, to micro organisms.”

Mariska de Groot, April 2020