18.11 — 18.12 2021
KNAL! festival - Fringe @ Batiment A Leuven, Belgium

With ‘Out of Orbit’ Werktank explores the spaces of its headquarters in Batiment A during KNAL! festival/ Fringe one last time, before moving to Ateliers Minoye in Kessel-Lo. For the first and last time, the offices and studios in the old VAT office in the Minckelersstraat will be transformed in their entirety into an immersive exhibition space with interventions by

Ief Spincemaille (B)
Amélie Laurence Fortin (CA)
Laurie-Anne Jaubert (FR)
Ugo Dehaes (B)
Mariska De Groot (NL)
Fleur Roggeman (B)

Gijs Coenen, September - October 2021