Fleur Roggeman

Fleur Roggeman [BE] graduated in 2020 from Sint-Lucas (Master in Applied Fine Arts – Scenography). She describes her artistic practice as follows:

As an artist I create installations, a space, an environment, an atmosphere.

During my process I always end up looking for a form of beauty. Beauty inside myself by searching for a zen moment through embroidering. A self healing therapy to clean up my inner thoughts. For me clean and beauty goes hand in hand. A clean and peaceful mind has a beautiful and grounded atmosphere. While I’m working on this form of beauty on a personal level, I’m searching to translate this philosophy in my installations where visitors can clean up their mind by giving them the chance to wander.

The world is too chaotic, there are so many distractions that separates us from our knowledge of being. We don’t know how to be anymore. By producing artistic, interactive installations I want to make people aware of their own body and remind them how much power we have as an individual.

I see myself as a scenographer instead of an artist. As a scenographer I have the ability to reshape reality and create a space where the spectator gets the chance to forget everything around them. The chance to escape their worries and enjoy the feeling of being.

I’m constantly learning how to shape my vision and how to translate it to the audience.